We give the Lord great thanks that once again he has enabled us to produce not only a main service but also a separate Sunday School for the children.

I’ve been thinking of 1 Corinthians 13:12  For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.

While it’s great that we can connect on social media and even pray, preach and teach on camera, this feels only like life in the mirror.  We long to see each other face to face.  We feel not only the similarity between life online and in the flesh but O how we feel more the contrast.

Paul describes our current life in the flesh (the now) as really life in the mirror but there is an even greater transformation still to come.  A life that has continuity with what has gone before but also a life that can’t really be compared with it.  So what do our current experiences teach us?  They teach us about the value of real social contact as opposed to virtual contact, but they also teach us something about the life to come, and how God has prepared and fashioned something so much greater and glorious for us than what we have now.


It’s encouraging that someone connected through Facebook has responded to our flyer and asked for some social help.  We want to be a help and bless others as much as we can.  We know we’re not the answer to everyone’s needs and we’re thankful for what other churches are doing and indeed people all over the country have been motivated and mobilised to help the needy.  But we can play our part and serve the Lord in this way.


  • Pray for those facilitating our services.  Thank God for the gifts the Lord has given his people in Minster.  Pray for us all to work together in serving the Lord this way.  Pray for the Holy Spirit to work through the online communication of his Word.  Don’t stop praying for people to be saved.
  • Keep praying for the government.  Pray for the PM who is ill.  Pray for wisdom for all involved.  these are challenging times.  Pray for peace and that our Lord would maintain social stability in the nations at this time.
  • Thank God for the services and support we have in this country.  Pray for those in poorer countries.  One man in India said, ‘I know Coronavirus is serious but I’m more worried about starvation.  How am I going to feed my family if I cant work?’
  • Keep praying for our health care workers.  Pray for spiritual support for them.
  • Pray for wisdom to manage social concern queries.  Pray for those reached by our services.
  • Pray for encouragement for everybody.  How do we do the ‘one another’ business best when we cant meet?

Grace and peace,


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