Who We Are

Committed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ

People in Minster

At Minster, whoever you are, you will receive a genuinely warm welcome. Our church community is made up of ordinary people from many different backgrounds who share a common faith in Jesus Christ. Each has their own faith story, and each one is part of a the larger story of Minster, and the even greater story of the church worldwide.

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Minster people aren't perfect people, but rather people who have been transformed by the grace of God, who know new life in Jesus Christ, and who want to share that life with others. Minster is led by a team of Elders, with support from Deacons and others in the congregation. 

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Minster is part of a UK-wide family of churches called the FIEC (Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Chuches).

The FIEC is not a denomination, but is a fellowship of independent churches that hold to certain beliefs and practices (see What We Believe) and work in partnership together. Minster also partners with other churches and organisations that have the same commitment to sharing the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ.