Mission Partners

We are privileged to partner with a number of missionaries and organisations. Their work includes gospel outreach, Bible translation, discipleship, education and church planting. They serve both in the UK and overseas. Some work in sensitive situations so we cannot include them here. We receive regular news from them and support them financially and, more importantly, in prayer.

  • David and Liz Bhakiaraj

    Serving with Pioneers UK in Cardiff

    David and Liz are originally from India, served in their home country for eighteen years, the Philippines for three years and in the Middle East for five years before coming to Cardiff in 2012 to work with PIONEERS. They have a married daughter and a son who recently graduated from Uni. Their ministry is among unreached people in the city who represent the major religions of the world and have come from countries closed to the gospel. Along with their team of fellow missionaries and many volunteers, David and Liz have been working among children, students, women, men, families, and those with special needs.  Many of these people are refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants. David also serves as Area leader for PIONEERS’ ministry in Mid England & Wales and offers support and accountability to eighteen missionaries serving in the area.

  • Mike and Susana Chalmers

    Serving with Cor Deo in Chippenham

    Mike Chalmers was a member of Minster between 2004 and 2007, when he moved to North Wales to be a UCCF Christian Union Staff Worker.  After five years working with students, he moved to Chippenham where he currently serves with Cor Deo as a mentor, Bible teacher, and administrator.  He also works part-time for UFM as

    Operations/Short-term Mission Coordinator. Mike married Susana in the summer of 2019! They are both part of Trinity Chippenham.

  • Mike and Rachel

    Serving in Birmingham

    Mike and Rachel work for international students and academics in Birmingham, welcoming them to the UK, providing social activities and opportunities to hear the Gospel. They also support Christian overseas students as they look to serve God in a new country. For those students and academics who come to faith, Mike and Rachel prepare them for return to home countries which may not be welcoming to new believers. The Hills are leaders of the Birmingham team and also the West Midlands Cluster. They have three adult children, Eleanor, Abbie and James and previously served with OMF in Cambodia.

  • Samuil Petrovski

    Serving with Evangelical University Students in Serbia

    Samuil is national leader of Evangelical University Students of Serbia - EUS (equivalent of UCCF).  EUS is a mission of students amongst students, whose main aim is evangelism and discipleship, motivating and enabling students, that they might be witnesses for Jesus Christ in student culture by both speaking and living the message of the Gospel.  EUS is active in 5 University cities, organizing different mission and evangelistic activities, publishing books and encouraging students to share the Gospel with words and example to their colleagues.  EUS has 6 full-time staff who are serving students in this university cities.  All EUS staff are active and serving in local churches in Serbia. Samuil is married to Nada who works as a medical doctor and they have two kids - a daughter, Lara (13) and a son, Filip (7).

  • Roy and Jenny Ramble

    Serving with Raj Ministries in India

    Roy and Jenny founded and lead Raj Ministries.  They began in 1986 when God called them to leave the city of their birth and settle in the remote village of Rupaidiha on the Nepal border.  In the last 34 years they have been actively involved in founding the AGC School, which now has 800 students, the Mahima Niwas which now houses 70 girls, along with numerous other projects serving the poor and vulnerable of northern India and Nepal. Roy has been responsible for building all the infrastructure with his skills in architecture, and is the Senior Pastor of the Church.  Jenny played a key role in setting up the school as she has a college degree in education. She is currently the school’s principal and takes care of the administration. The plight of the downtrodden and abused woman have always been close to her heart, as she was abandoned by her own family because of her faith in the Lord. This suffering led to the founding of Mahima Niwas and SEEMA where she nurtures and shares the love of Jesus with many women and girls on a daily basis, raising them up in the Lord as their surrogate mother.

  • Dan and Rachel Hulley

    Serving with Ethnos360 in Papua New Guinea

    Daniel and Rachel Hulley are church planting among the North Wahgi people of Papua New Guinea. Steeped in animism and religion, people continue to live in spiritual darkness, but since 2012, a small group of believers have come into the light of knowing Christ as their Saviour. We are currently translating the New Testament into the North Wahgi language, teaching literacy and training disciples to teach other people the truth of the Gospel. Our hope and prayer is that these fledgling believers will be equipped through the teaching of God’s Word and the power of the Holy Spirit to disciple their own people and keep the Gospel light shining.

  • Jonathan Hope-Gill

    Serving With Youth With A Mission (YWAM) at the University of the Nations in Kona, Hawaii.

    Jonathan works with missionaries from all over the world, as they take an inductive approach to systematically study all sixty-six books of the Bible and gain a fairly in depth overview of the entire Bible in context. Upon completion of the course, the students have the tools necessary to continue a lifetime of Bible study which is vital for anyone who seeks to fulfil the Great Commission of discipling the nations.
    Jonathan is actively involved in teaching the Bible at the University of the Nations and discipling the students through small groups and one-on-one settings.