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The Resurrection

For some people it was the answer to their worst fears and to others the surprise of their lives. But no one who experienced the resurrection of Christ was left unchanged by it. In this short book based on the gospel accounts Mark Meynell examines the church's claim that Jesus not only died but still lives. A must read for seekers of truth.

Reviewed by Pastor Alex Collins

Author: Mark Meynell


Twitter: quaerentia


(90th Anniversary Edition)

"As you will see, Minster has many sto-ries contained within that big story of human beings’ relationship with God through Jesus Christ. As we see our community here in Roath and Penylan change we are reminded that our church has seen many changes over 90 years and yet because of our faith in Jesus Christ we feel a strong continuity with all that has gone before."

Pastor Alex Collins

"Contact" magazine, Minster Christian Centre 90th Anniversary Special Edition.

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